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How It works

Our process starts with an easy to do Mail Order Print Kit. This kit provides mold material to capture your baby's handprints. Once completed, ship the kit back to us with the provided return label!  When the Print Kit arrives back to our studio we create a reverse mold of the prints to create your pieces. Each piece is hand-painted and crafted around your little one's prints. In 6-8 weeks finished pieces are delivered to your door!

Step 2: Print Kit

The Print Kit includes everything you need to capture your child or pet's prints! Once you capture the prints and let the molds dry, ship it back with the provided return label!

Step 3: We create

We create a reverse mold of your child's prints and use that to stamp onto pottery or into clay to create your pieces.

Each piece is hand sketched, painted and crafted around the handprints. Pottery is food safe once fired.

Fun fact: Helen hand-letters every name, it's not a font but her actual handwriting!


step 4: Delivered to you

Finished pieces are delivered to you within 6-8 weeks! Keep your eye out for our signature splattered box! Pottery for you & a big box and bubble wrap for the kids to play with!

Please note during peak holiday seasons our turn around times can be up to 10-12 weeks. Keep your eye out for our Holiday Ordering Deadlines.