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The hardest part of the process is deciding which pieces to purchase first! Reach out on Live Chat or social media with any questions.

Print Kits Required
Print Kits are needed for all FIRST time orders. These kits are how you capture the prints for us to use on your pieces. Print Kits only need completed once because we can re-use them once we have it on file at the studio!
Handpainted to Perfection
Every piece is hand painted by our team, using your child’s prints making every piece unique and priceless!
Returning Customers
We keep your Print Kits on file for up to 2 years, so when you’re ready to order more pieces simply order your pottery. Order more Print Kits as your child grows older!

AS SIMPLE AS 1..2..3..

Our process is simple and easy to do! All you have to do is place your order, complete our Print Kit and our team takes it from there to create these gorgeous keepsakes!

Step 1: Start Shopping

With over a hundred styles and designs there's something for everyone. Children, Pets, Family Plaques and more! Start browsing and add to cart!

Step 2: Print Kits

Print Kits are needed for all FIRST time orders, be sure to add Print Kits to the cart before checkout! $30/child. Complete your kit then ship it back to us!

Step 3: Artists at Work

Once your completed Print Kit arrives back at our studio, our artists hand-paint and craft each piece. This is a 7-8 week process.

Step 4: Delivered to You

We carefully ship your one-of-a-kind pottery right to your door via UPS. Look for our signature splattered boxes!

Step 5: Order Again

We keep your Print Kits on file for two years. When you're ready to order more pottery, place your order and we'll use the prints we have on file to make your pieces.

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