Paws on pottery

Calling all crazy pet parents, it's officially your time to shine! Prints & Clay is here to make your morning coffee a little sweeter and create keepsakes with your fur-babies paw prints! All Paw Prints and Toe Beans (Cats) welcome. Simply complete our Pet Print Kit and order your pottery.

Pet Print Kits
Pet Print Kits are $20/pet and supply mold material to capture both front paws!

Personalized Pet Bowls

We've created the perfect food and water bowls for both your dogs and cats! Choose between our Pet Dish or Pet Bowls. Both styles offered in multiple designs and can be personalized with your pet's name and paw print!

Pet Bowls
Pet Bowls are offered in a medium and large size. These provide a slanted edge that tapers to the floor.
Pet Dish
Pet Dishes are offered in three sizes; small, medium and large. These have a flat edge and provide more surface area in the center of the dish.

How it works

In just a few steps you can have one of a kind paw print art delivered right to your door!

Step 1: Start Shopping

With over a hundred styles and designs there's something for everyone. Children, Pets, Family Plaques and more! Start browsing and add to cart!

Step 2: Print Kits

Print Kits are needed for all FIRST time orders, be sure to add Print Kits to the cart before checkout! $20/pet. Complete your kit then ship it back to us!

Step 3: Artists at Work

Once your completed Print Kit arrives back at our studio, our artists hand-paint and craft each piece. This is a 5-6 week process.

Step 4: Delivered to You

We carefully ship your one-of-a-kind pottery right to your door via UPS. Look for our signature splattered boxes!

Step 5: Order Again

We keep your Print Kits on file for two years. When you're ready to order more pottery, place your order and we'll use the prints we have on file to make your pieces.

Start Shopping!