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Ornaments aren't just for the holidays anymore!

Ornaments aren't just for the holidays anymore!

Ornament stands are perfect for year round display!

With Christmas around the corner, one of my all-time favorite gifts has always been ornaments.  It’s a compact way to remember a moment in time.  Every November, I unwrap each piece and hold it in my hands as I remember the day it was made, the person who gifted it to me, or the story it tells.  Carefully, each gets hung on the tree to be proudly displayed for a few short weeks before being put away after the holidays.  Like that, its all over until 11 months later when it appears again. 

 clay impression footprint on an ornament stand from Peacock prints and clay

There are some memories that just should not be put away after a few weeks on display.  One ornament in particular that I adore is my daughters first handprint, done when she was just days old.  They gently pressed her hand into soft clay, capturing all the beautiful details.  Each little wrinkle makes my mommy heart just melt.  After carefully selecting my color for her print, it was fired, hand painted, and presented in a beautiful box, just waiting to be hung. 

 clay impression hand print ornament on an ornament stand

Seeing how tiny her print was, and looking back to how much she has grown, lights up my day.  When I see it hanging on our tree, I have to run my fingers over it, feeling those sweet details. It immediately brings me back to that day and how it felt to hold her in my arms.  Every January, I hate packing that sweet memory away into a box.  This year, I’m not going to. 

I found these great year-round ornament stands that sit beautifully on any surface, from bookshelves to kitchen counters.  I can now keep that precious memory up all year long. 

 mom and daughter holding a dinosaur t rex footprint ornament made at Peacock Prints and Clay

There are tons of colors and styles available, but I particularly like this simple black stand.  It allows the ornament to be the star of the show and is versatile so I can switch out ornaments throughout the year!  Since that first handprint, we of course have created so many more memories from reindeer to fish. I can’t wait to swap them all out for the different seasons!    

 oyster footprint clay impression ornament on an ornament stand from Peacock prints and clay

Ornament have always been a favorite keepsake, but with new ways to display them, I think I’ll be creating a few extra this year!  So, when gifting that handmade ornament to your family and friends, be sure to include an ornament stand so they too can enjoy the memory all year long. 


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