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Meet Ashlea and Susan, the founders of Peacock Prints and Clay. We are two fun loving gals that have a passion for helping people capture memories on pottery.

Ashlea (left) and Susan (right)

Peacock Prints and Clay was born from our paint your own pottery studio located in Greenville, NC called Painted Peacock. Our mission is to inspire happiness and creativity! Everyday, we help our guests find their creative side with easy and fun painting techniques that hep them become an artist! All the finished pottery is food-safe once fired, making it perfect for the home, office and unique, personalized gift.

Painted Peacock entry

Not only did customers come in and paint pottery, but we perfected capturing a detailed hand and footprint while painting beautiful designs around them. At each handprint appointment, we carefully press the child’s hand into soft clay (clay impressions) or we paint the hand and stamp it onto a piece of pottery (painted prints).

Pressing the hands into soft clay and capturing all the beautiful details.

Every piece is handmade and custom painted around the unique print, creating a beautiful and timeless piece of pottery.

The finished plaque!

We have guests travel hours to come visit us in our studio so they can capture the memories with a handprint appointment. When we started receiving calls from across the USA asking how they too could get a custom piece created with their child’s print, we knew it was time to launch Peacock Prints and clay! We proudly launched in 2021, delivering handprint memories right to your door with the first ever nation-wide, handprint boutique.

We ship you an easy print kit right to your door!

We love being able to create these priceless keepsakes for guests across the nation!  Those little hands and feet get bigger every day, and we want to help you create pieces that you will cherish forever!  With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to order your handrint kit and create a memory with us

Opening the box to reveal the finished piece is the best part!

Keep following us as we continue to add new designs every week! We have exciting plans for the near future and can’t wait to share the creativity!
-Susan and Ashlea

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